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It is usual to confuse the shape with the cut of a diamond, as they can be synonyms. So, what is the difference between shape and cut? Shape refers to a diamond’s form, the outline of the diamond (e.g. round, emerald, cushion) whereas cut describes how well cut a diamond is (e.g. excellent, very good, good).

When choosing a diamond shape, it is good to take into account your partner’s personal style, hand shape and size.

What are the different diamond shapes?

Round Brilliant

One of, if not the most popular shape, a round brilliant contains 58 facets including the culet. This wonderful shape it is symmetrical 360-degree, creating an extraordinary show of light.

A round brilliant will work with almost every setting, from classic solitaires to intricate vintage designs. This silhouette is perfect for those who are looking for a classic shape with a beautiful sparkle.


The princess shape is the second most popular style, after the round brilliant, thanks to its square and clean lines, which grant this classic shape with a modern twist look.

If you are looking for a square shape with the same sparkle as the round brilliant, then the princess is perfect for you.


The marquise cut is a slender shape with pointed ends. This shape will help the cutter to maximise the carat within the setting, making it look larger than a same and it also tends to accentuate the length of the fingers, making it appear longer.


The emerald shape has an elegant and aristocratic feel, which makes it perfect for those who like regal styles.


The pear shape features a rounded edge on one side and a tapering point at the opposite end, resembling a ‘teardrop’. In order to achieve a great sparkle, pear cuts have to be symmetrical.

This feminine silhouette will make your fingers look slender and elongated.


This shape is the ultimate symbol of love. The silhouette of this diamond shape emulates a heart and, as it happens with Pear and Marquise shapes, it needs to be symmetrical to create a breath-taking sparkle.


This shape is well proportioned and has the brightness of the brilliant cut. Thanks to its elongated shape, the oval cuts will accentuate long and slender fingers. The oval shape is also a favourite among royals, such as the rings of Princess Diana - and Kate Middleton - and Meghan Markle.


This shape combines the classic emerald cut with the amazing sparkle of the round brilliant cut. Radiant cuts can be either square or rectangular, always with blocked corners.


A variation of the emerald cut, Asscher shape is square with distinctive cut corners, which gives the diamond a geometrical feel. This beautiful shape works perfectly with vintage designs.


The particularity of this shape is that it combines the modern look of a square cut with soft and rounded edges which gives Cushion shapes of a romantic and delicate feel. This cut, also known as the old mine cut, has been around for over 200 years, making it a timeless design.

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