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Easily mistaken as the shape, the diamond cut refers to the diamond symmetry, proportions and polish. When a diamond is cut, is the positioning of the facets what will modify how much light enters and how much is reflected.

The cut will determine how a diamond interacts with light, creating an extraordinary show of lights. A diamond’s cut is the most important factor to consider when choosing a diamond since it will affect on the diamond’s sparkle

How Light Passes Through The Diamond

Please view the diagram below, which illustrates how light passes through different types of cuts.

Diamonds Cut

Types of diamond cut:

  • Ideal Cut
    This type of cut reflects almost all the light that enters the diamond.

  • Excellent Cut
    This cut reflects nearly as much as the ideal cut.

  • Very Good Cut
    A great cut since it reflects most of the light that enters the diamond but is priced much lower than the excellent cut.

  • Good Cut
    this cut reflects most of the light that enters the diamond but it will not have the sparkle and brilliance that the other cuts have.
    Good cuts are a great option for when you are on a budget.

  • Fair Cut
    this cut will reflect a small portion of the light that enters the diamond, usually because the stone has been cut too deep or too shallow.

How to choose the perfect diamond cut?

When in doubt, always go for a higher diamond cut because it will have a better brilliance and scintillation. Also, a higher cut will make your diamond look visually larger than its carat weight.

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