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What is a diamond certificate?

A diamond certificate provides a summary of the specifications and authenticity of the diamond you have just purchased. It will specify the 4 C’s: colour, carat, clarity and cut. The certificate will identify your diamond as a laboratory-grown diamond as well as the measurements, proportions and finish of the diamond.

Who provides the diamond certificate?

Diamond laboratories or specialised and trained gemmologists that will examine the diamond carry out these certificates.

At SACET you can choose between the Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories / International Gemological Institute and our exclusive certificates, done by a skilled and trained gemmologist.

Why should you always request a diamond certificate?

Diamond certificates correspond to a specific diamond or jewellery and it will assure the quality of the diamond you have purchased is as it was described to you by the seller.

What is the difference between a diamond certificate and a valuation certificate?

A valuation certificate will establish the value of the item, mainly for insurance purposes. On the contrary, a diamond certificate will evaluate the specifications and characteristics of the diamond.

  • IGI Diamonds CertificationTHE INTERNATIONAL
  • Solitaire Gemmological LaboratoriesSOLITAIRE GEMMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES
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