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Our Guide to Selecting the Perfect Engagement Ring

Our Guide to Selecting the Perfect Engagement Ring

18th October 2020

Finding the perfect engagement ring is never easy. You want it to be more than just an accompaniment to the question but an embodiment and reflection of your true feelings. That's why we've compiled a few tips to help you select the perfect ring for the perfect proposal.

The Four C’s - Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat

Clarity: The majority of diamonds have small flaws or blemishes that affect clarity, mostly arising during the formation process by small splits called feathers. The greater the clarity, the greater the value, so keep an eye out for those special stones with pure clarity.

Colour: When it comes to colour, all diamonds are graded on a scale of D to Z, with D being the most desirable. The less colour (i.e. the purer radiance) a stone has, the better quality it is. Many diamonds on the market are flawed from questionable mining methods. However, the diamonds we use at Sacet are always of a premium-quality because of expert, lab-grown techniques. At Sacet, our diamonds are always high up the scale because of our expert, lab-grown techniques.

Cut: The cut of the diamond should also play a big factor when making your decision. The exquisite, handcrafted and symmetrical details of an expert team of jewellers leaves our diamonds with a richer and brighter glint. Have a search for a well-cut diamond that radiates light internally and externally, providing that extra special sparkle. 

Carat: The one everybody focuses on. The carat is concerned with the weight of the diamond, and the larger the weight, the higher the value. While this is obviously important, carat doesn’t affect quality and can be an unwise way to look for the perfect ring as clarity, colour and cut are equally (if not more) important.

Engagement Ring Styles

Finding the perfect style to match your partner’s tastes can be one of the trickier parts of searching for the ideal piece. Whether it’s our solitaire, halo or vintage rings, Sacet has a huge catalogue of styles that compliment a variety of tastes. The correct type of metal also plays a big part in choosing a suitable style. For example, the clear tones of white gold and platinum have a distinctly modern, luxurious feel, while rose gold tends to radiate a beautiful vintage quality. Nailing a faultless style that matches your partner’s tastes can make the difference when looking for the perfect engagement ring.

Ethical Diamonds

We passionately believe that ethically sourced, lab-grown diamonds add an extra, exquisite gleam to the special question. Mining can have a detrimental effect on indigenious communities around the world. Mining companies often use up water supplies, strip trees away and erode agricultural soil. Eco-friendly without sacrificing purity, our lab-grown diamond engagement rings reflect both the quality and ethics we care so deeply about. We believe that the beauty of your engagement ring should be reflected by the ethical nature of its materials.

Better Quality for a Better Price

Our expert team of jewellers create diamonds certificated by knowledgeable gemologists, so you can rely on our supreme quality. We’re very proud that only 2% of Earth mined diamonds have the pure, dazzling radiance that we can create. With all these benefits, and at a cost of 40% less, it makes sense to choose lab-grown diamonds for your engagement ring.

Diamonds really are forever when searching for the right engagement ring. Everyone has their own distinct and unique tastes, so we understand the difficulty in picking the perfect piece of jewellery when getting down on one knee. Stick to our pointers and you can make that special moment even more perfect. 

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